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Transatlantic Studies

A two-year interdisciplinary Master’s Programme at Charles University in Prague

This programme’s focus is to provide English-speaking students with deep, interdisciplinary knowledge of transatlantic relations since 1945. After all, the security commitments entered into by the United States after the Second World War represented a turning point in American history because, from its founding in 1776, the United States carefully avoided entering into so-called “entangling alliances.” The post-1945 changes also deeply impacted the political and cultural relations of the United States and the rest of the world. Close attention is paid to history, politics, and diplomacy, so that students can understand the changing nature of transatlantic relations during the different phases of the Cold War and afterward. As our faculty has various areas of specialization, the student should gain a balanced, well-rounded appreciation of the complex nature of transatlantic studies. Prague is an excellent place to study the issue because the Czechs underwent a transformation from being a nation subjugated by the Soviet Union during the Cold War to one that is a full member of NATO and the European Union.

This programme will not be open in the upcoming academic year anymore. As a substitution, Institute of International Studies offer two new master's programmes in English:

Master in Area Studies


European Politics and Society