Miloš Calda | TSA

doc. PhDr. Miloš Calda

Research profile:
Topic: social/cultural/political movements in the transnational sphere
Disciplinary approach: History (cultural and social), American music (esp. non-artificial), American government, impact of U.S. culture in Europe, esp. the UK, Czechoslovakia and Poland
Geographic area: the United States; Central Europe (Czechoslovakia and her successor states, Poland), the UK
Other research interests:
20th-century U.S. history and its intepretations, analysis of important texts, U.S. culture interacting with that of European countries like the former Czechoslovakia, Poland and the UK. Central Europe (Germans-speaking countries, Hungary)
American Government and Society:
American constitutionalism, American Exceptionalism, Domestic scene in the U.S., The American Left during interwar years
Foreign Relations of the United States:
Challenges to the United States as a great power in the 20th and 21st century