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To complete the Transatlantic Studies programme, students have to acquire a total of 120 ECTS credits, defend their Master Thesis and successfully pass the final State Examination. The following compulsory courses represent 76 ECTS credits.

Academic Writing Government in United States
American Society Since WW2 II Government in North America II: Canada and Mexico
American Thoughts and Thinkers Introduction to the US Legal System: European Perspective
European Comparative Politics and Society Issues in United States National Security Policy
EU-US Relations: Political Security and Socioeconomic Perspectives Transatlantic Issues - U.S. and British Security Policies Compared
Geopolitical Importance of Central Europe The US and Europe after the Cold War
Economic Transformation in the post-Soviet Area US and EU National Security Policy: A Comparison 

Remaining 44 ECTS credits can be earned by participating in optional and elective courses offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences.

For a detailed information on the TS programme please visit the Faculty's website.